Alpha 6 Weekly Update: Introducing Sophie Baron, Mamamade

BY Natalie SimpsonApril 26, 2019

Wheeew what a busy week we’ve had! Huckletree Alpha 6 is in full swing, and it’s fair to say our awesome Alphas have well and truly settled into Huckle-life.

Each week, we sit down and get to know an Alpha on a one-on-one basis. This week, we had the pleasure of chatting to Sophie Baron, Founder of Mamamade.

Hey Sophie! So tell us, how did you come up with Mamamade? Tell us a little about it;

I started developing the idea when I was weaning my daughter from milk onto solids. Being passionate about providing her with only home-cooked, organic meals that would go on to teach her to love food and sophisticated flavours – but I found it difficult to keep up with the pace of weaning.

I was desperate for a product that would provide some support, and after lots and lots of chats with other new parent-friends and their friends, I realised I wasn’t the only one. So I started selling mixes from my kitchen and it’s taken off from there!

What about #Alpha6 are you most looking forward to?

The amazing community that Huckletree has developed – I’m so excited to be a part of it for the next 12 weeks!

As a female founder, are there any specific challenges that you’ve faced and overcome?

Especially as I’m a single-founder with a product geared for babies and their parents, I do find it’s an ongoing struggle to be taken seriously. So many people I encounter assume I’m doing this more as a casual side hustle (can’t even count the number of times I’ve been asked “are you still doing that thing with the vegetables?”) or a fun hobby (I mean, I definitely have fun doing it – but it’s also a serious business!). Surrounding myself with other female founders has been so valuable (another perk of the Alpha programme!) for learning to overcome negative self-talk and build confidence in myself and my business.

Our values at Huckletree are ‘Stay Curious and Be Renegade’, how do these apply to you?

Mamamade was born because of a rejection of the status quo for baby food products. We’re committed to always listening to our customers and community and responding to their needs, and evolving accordingly.

The most important question of them all – who is your dream dinner guest and why?

Sarah Blakely. I am her biggest fangirl and have so much admiration for the brand she’s organically built on her own from the ground up. There’s so much I’d love to ask her and chat about!

What you missed this week:

Our Shoreditch Alphas had the pleasure of attending a 1-1 ‘MVP Playback’ workshop with Gabbi Cahane, Chairman of Multiple and Huckletree Ambassador.

The Alphas were also introduced to the ins and outs of business operations with Keji Mustapha, Head of Platform at Connect Ventures.  

In D2, things have been moving equally as swiftly. Our Alphas attended an all-hands-on-deck workshop to pinpoint their brands mission, vision, and purpose with John Slattery, founder of Inspo. Check out our b-e-autiful Dublin cohort – what a picturesque bunch eh?


Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant