How To Future Proof Your Career With Jolt

BY Natalie SimpsonAugust 5, 2019

group of people in room learning to future proof

We upgrade our tech when new updates come out… so why aren’t we upgrading our brains? If you aren’t already on the quest to future proof your career, it’s time to sit up, skill up and start learning.

Enter, the Jolt Room™ at Huckletree Soho. We’re proud to partner with EdTech pioneers Jolt to host an in-house studio fully kitted out for virtual upskilling sessions. Business School for the Self Made, Jolt helps you take your career to the next level with live, immersive learning experiences. As the world of business changes rapidly, we all need to be upping our game and giving ourselves a competitive advantage. 

Each session is designed to help you grow your network (in a non-awkward way!) and gain a practical new skill from world-class instructors based all over the world. With sessions running daily, Jolt offers something for everyone. Coming up at Soho? Instagram Branding with Nine Tribe CEO Farrel Brest, Thriving in Challenging Situations with Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Yonatan Levy and Storytelling To Ace Your Next Interview with United Nations Content Writer, Madison Salters.

With our very own Jolt Room™ in-house, it seemed high time the Huckletree Marketing Team immersed ourselves into the world of Jolt. Here’s what to expect…


We headed down to the lower ground floor to the Jolt Room™, a welcoming, glowing space filled with excited faces. Before we’d started our chosen session, Brand Utility and Advertising; hosted by Israel based Marketing Consultant, Itay Boneh, we were allocated our seats randomly via an interactive delegation system (great for first-timers!). Attendee names, job titles, and profile images were projected onto the screen, so you check out your peers are for the evening – a brilliant conversation starter.

The great thing about Jolt is that you’re actively encouraged to interact with others in the session – regardless of who you came with. I met solopreneurs who were just starting out, future founders and team players raring to bring something new to their role.


Simply understood as an advertising activity that’s also a service, Brand Utility is becoming more and more popular as a way of extending consumer interest for modern brands.

Promoting a product and creating a ‘hype’ around it is just the first step of Branded Utility. The second, and arguably more important step is centered around introducing an additional (and often unexpected) benefit on top of the ‘main’ product.

One of Itay’s standout examples was Purina’s Street Vet campaign in Germany; the pet food brand used (safe) chemicals to encourage dogs to urinate on its billboards to receive a free health test.

Following the campaign, “Positive brand sentiment increased by 11% and in the weeks following the exposure, there was a 24% increase in health check-ups via partner websites”.

Itay’s key takeaway; 

“Brand utility does not replace trade marketing and advertising but it can be the spice or the secret source of marketing activities.” In short, it is the extra mile companies will go to make the customer and user experience just that bit more amazing.

It’s a powerful tool, and takes time and resources to put into action, but as organisations such as Asics and Google have shown, it’s incredibly effective for retaining customer loyalty and brand engagement. It’s also a way to genuinely give back to the people that matter the most.

The three key things to remember in regards to Branded Utility;

Insight, Importance, and Identity.


Bringing together expert teachings, practical exercises and a non-intimidating learning environment, it’s no wonder why Jolt is building such a passionate community of learners. 

As a marketeer, I learnt a valuable skill that I’ll be able to apply to real-life situations – and taken steps to future proof my career. Not only that, but I met people who had their own interesting stories to share and made genuine connections.

Want to get involved? Join Jolt at Huckletree Soho for an upcoming session. Trust me, this is the future of learning…


Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant