Connecting Curated Communities

BY Tuesdy GeorgeMay 20, 2019

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Hello, my name is Tuesdy. Yes – just like Tuesday, but without the ‘A’…

I am the Membership Development Manager here at Huckletree, and my role is to embody who we are, be impassioned by what we do, and convey why Huckletree is different whilst connecting curated communities.

My background spans entertaining holiday makers (yes, really), researching documentary in television, serving people brunch, finding people homes, building company culture and now, championing Huckletree to all the renegades who need to know about it.

The common thread that runs through all of my previous experiences is that I am at the forefront of people. No matter what, I want to be bringing them value and ultimately I want to connect.

What drew me to Huckletree was that the Huckle-team would give me the direct opportunity to engineer people’s daily success by housing them next to not only like minded people, but inspirational and progressive businesses. They say you become like the five people you are surrounded by and at Huckletree we take this literally. For me, there is no denying that there is a profound effect and satisfaction when people’s energy is aligned; and that comes from surrounding yourself around game-changers and innovators. That’s the beauty of connecting curated communities!

Why is it so key to curate a community I hear you say…?

In a nutshell – The simple reason is that handpicking individuals and teams to join the spaces means we increase the likelihood of all the good stuff, like: collaboration, idea sharing and connection.

While spending 4 years working in the fast-paced Tech sector. I learnt that in order to get the best work done and avoid burnout, we all need to factor in time to disconnect. Our aim is to foster an environment of true balance with an optimal blend for work and rest for our members within our spaces, especially in our upcoming  space in Soho where you can log out and kick back in our Dreamscape and enjoy our weekly wellness programme.

But the best way to disconnect from the chaos is to reconnect, with people, face to face, in the truly old fashioned way, sans the glare of a blue screen. Put that Slack on snooze people and get out of the DMs!

Brene Brown, Writer, Author, and Speaker says: “We are neuro biologically hardwired for connection” . No matter who you are, we all share an innate need for belonging, and as humans we feel that sense of belonging no better, than when we are surrounded by people who are experiencing what we are experiencing at the same time.

Huckletree is a workspace accelerator, so we are home to freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs, startups and scale ups. Most of the time our members are doing things that nobody dared to do before, and we appreciate that being bold and courageous is undoubtedly scary.

Through connecting curated communities, we know that by sharing your story with others who can empathise with the highs and lows of what entrepreneurship can bring, will in turn, support the highs, and take the edge off those lows when they come.

Who do you have to be to be at Huckletree?

To be at Huckletree, there is a lot of things that we look for. We like our teams to be aligned yet diverse. White City is home to Digital Lifestyle brands, whilst Shoreditch is home to Fintech, Dublin to global innovation teams and Soho will be an investor-first space. What all our members have in common is that they are brave and they are curious enough to dare greatly and do what is often perceived as the unthinkable or impractical.

After having a binge on Netflix across the weekend I discovered Brene Brown’s latest doc to my joy. She quotes Theodore Roosevelt’s famous words:

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming….

She conceptualises this to be about showing up daily believing in what you are doing, no matter the odds and he/she who dares, ultimately wins, and not the critic.

If anyone who applies to join Huckletree reads this quote and sees themselves reflected in it, they are probably in the right place. Our goal is to be supportive and a conducive home for people who perpetuate innovation, disrupt the norm and make impactful connections. This is no mean feat and being around people on the same journey is central to all of our progress and happiness.  

This my friends, is why we curate, we curate for connection. Connection is what underpins everything else.


Tuesdy George