Enter The Dreamscape

BY Emily PrichardMarch 25, 2019

Dreamscape: Huckletree Soho

Dreamers, unite. It’s time to embrace mind-wandering in earnest. As a lifelong fantasizer, I’m counting down the days until we open the doors to our very own Dreamscape at Huckletree Soho… and I’m not alone. On average, we spend nearly 50% of our time day-dreaming. That’s a lot of internal meditation, but its potential isn’t always effectively absorbed into our lives – or work.

There is however, hope on the horizon. A new wave of minds is guiding us back to the power of escaping into a daydream. Join me as I drift off with them…


Take Sweat and Sound: secret multi-sensory experiences reframing the way we view fitness. Grads of the ODI OpenActive Accelerator, their sessions are less a workout, more a journey of self-discovery and wonder. Following their Moon Landing Immersive Yoga session at White City Place, I quizzed Founder Ariana on why daydreaming is central to their experiences:

“Imagination is one of the least used senses. I truly believe we need opportunities to feel curious, so we can imagine possibilities, leading us to feel motivated to take action or create solutions.

By giving people an opportunity to imagine, you unlock an inner child, which drives out all of the adult layers of anxiety, stress and oppression, leaving the simple feeling of openness.”

That openness is good for us both on a wellness level – and a business level. Contrary to what you might assume, daydreaming isn’t just for creative roles. It helps you discover novel solutions to problems and unusual approaches to growth. There’s even evidence that mentally mulling over your hopes for your future leads to higher rate of successfully achieving them. Essentially: it’s abstract visualisation.

Happily, companies are embracing daydream mentality. Famously, 3M’s 15% Culture proactively encourages employees to set aside work time to cultivate ideas that excite them – resulting in industry-defining products. Mailchimp champions creativity, empowering their team to act on spontaneous ideas. The result? Innovative campaigns, employee art shows and genuinely covetable gifts for customers instead of cookie-cutter marketing swag.

Daydreaming: great for hiring, great for retention, great for your happiness.


So, why aren’t we engaging our imagination as much as we should?

A thought: UK adults spend up to 10 hours a day consuming media on mobile. Could the sheer amount of content we’re exposed on a daily basis be impacting our daydreaming?

Look, I’m as guilty as the next binge-watcher of second-screening. Beyond that, it’s become culturally acceptable (nay, expected) to turn to your phone when alone. Waiting for a friend at the pub? Instagram. Stuck on the Overground? Browse Twitter’s trending topics. There’s always more to consume.

I asked Ariana if she believes this content overload is partly behind our stagnation of ideas:

“Of course. In order for our mind to imagine & create, we need space to drift, get tangled, get bored, go in circles, and then reach a realisation. Without this space, our senses slow down or stop giving us what we need emotionally, making us numb and reactive.”

Sounds like we all need a Dreamscape escape.


We’re becoming used to being passive consumers rather than active dreamers – and that’s not good for us as humans or creators. It’s time to take action… or more likely, not.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a call to arms to ditch your Pixel and disappear into an endless reverie. However, it’s important to bring back a bit of balance and abstract thinking back into our lives. Join me as I attempt to:

  1. Embrace boredom.
    Yes, I’m officially resisting reaching for my digital companion as a refuge from mundanity. Let’s indulge in some 1990s nostalgia and actually experience downtime without any external stimulation. Allow your mind to wander and indulge any curious thoughts that enter your consciousness. Gently mull over your goals and visualise your ideal future (feeling smug in the knowledge that your Screen Time will hit a new low).

  2. Encourage a culture of daydreaming.
    Taking time out to purely *think* sometimes gets a bit of a bad rep, especially in the startup world. There’s a perception that we need to be ultra-reactive and super-action focused 24/7… but sometimes you need serious, locked off creative thinking time to actually come up with the goods. I’m on a mission to encourage Team Huckletree to find the balance between getting-shit-done and dreaming-shit-up – and see it positively impact our culture and hiring.


So, you’re ready to get imagining. First things first, you need a conducive space to get your think on. Huckletree members have long indulged in solo dreaming on our Curious Couches, and chase hazy thoughts in our Meditation Yurt. This summer, we’re bringing something different to the table at our new Central London workspace. Huckletree Soho’s Dreamscape is our first dedicated hub for, you guessed it, daydreaming.

Deep in the heart of Ingestre Court, discover a breakout space designed for helping you get your head in the clouds. The Dreamscape. Picture the scene: you’re sinking into a cosy floor pillow, surrounded by 360º soothing projections. Blade Runner-esque futuristic cityscapes. Glacial salt flats and woodland. Let yourself be transported away from reality and into yourself. Find a tantalising creative thread and gently unravel it – you never know where it might lead…

Membership applications for Huckletree Soho are now open.


Emily Prichard

Manager, Brand and Creative