Entrepreneurship – can it really be taught?

BY Team HuckletreeJune 8, 2020

Renegade Academy

A few weeks ago we spoke in a closed virtual zoom room with the brilliant entrepreneur Simon Franks (Co-Founder of LOVEFiLM + film industry legend + philanthropist and investor) and asked him one big existential question: can entrepreneurship really be “taught”? His answer was ‘yes’

Simon, we’re on the same page. We believe an entrepreneurial mindset is the real superpower skill this generation (and the next) needs to change the world (and seriously, change is needed now more than ever). 

This is not just for founders ….learning how to think like an entrepreneur is a valuable skill that can future-proof you for any sector, industry or market. A recent article in Sifted looked into how the education sector was on the cliff edge of and in need of a real shake-up – 20-30% of workers will now face unemployment as a result of Covid-19, which means that adults are needing to reskill at every stage of their career to focus on creating value, not just showing up to a desk each day. 

So if you’re thinking of whether to dive into entrepreneurship, here are some of the skills you can add to your kit along the way: 

Leadership: It may not come packaged in a textbook, a graph or a multiple-choice exam, but the skills you learn in entrepreneurship set you up to be a leader of the future, to navigate in a crisis, align your people under a common vision, get buy-in from the most stubborn of stakeholders, and fight your way through utter complexity. 

“It’s a crash course in how to show up, inspire others and take accountability. While it’s certainly tough, there is no other career path that I would choose for myself” – Gaby Hersham. 

Critical thinking: When you’re trained to look at your business holistically you start to ask yourself the hard questions like, ‘will this business stay afloat?’, ‘how can I reduce my cost base efficiently’ and ‘‘do I really have market-product fit?’ The good news is by asking the hard questions, you can learn how to solve problems quickly, think critically and look for the opportunity ahead, at speed. 

Agility: Thinking like an entrepreneur can be like putting on a new pair of runners, you learn to move with speed and quickly identify the blockers that hold back your progress.  

“There’s no time like, now. Don’t wait for a competitor to get the jump on your market share. When it’s your cash, your business, your vision – you’ll make fast judgment calls and perhaps be more courageous to lead your team in an entirely new direction” – Andrew Lynch. 

The full picture: In the old world of work we could hide behind functions, job titles and position-descriptions… but in the new world of work the most valuable employees will be the ones who can work across teams, shift resources around, learn the secret language of finance, tech and marketing, shop your own product and obsess over the customer experience. 

“More and more the future will demand you to be a hyphenate, a slashie or a multi-skilled worker. Being an entrepreneur forces you to grasp the A-Z of business building much faster, which can then help you get the full picture of how to run and optimise a business.”  Jemma Wong. 

Peer power: They say you’re the sum of the five people you spend time with, the same goes for your career network. By putting yourself in a digital classroom with 50+ likeminded humans who share a similar passion to challenge systems, advance great ideas or build the unthinkable, you’ll find you open your perspective of the world that little bit wider and be in a better position to flip the script on whatever you’re doing. 

“Creativity and community go hand in hand, so don’t underestimate the impact of your network and how exposure to great minds can help you sharpen your own” – Jemma Wong. 

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Team Huckletree