Introducing Our Renegade Search Champion: Erase All Kittens

BY Emily PrichardJune 18, 2019

Erase All Kittens White Text on Futuristic Background

Society shapers. Foodtech futurists. Crypto revolutionaries. Rental rebels. Our Renegade Search shortlist brought together five brilliant businesses making real impact on the world around us. Yes, the final decision on our victor was incredibly difficult. Ultimately, we’re proud to reveal that we’ve landed on one very special STEM shaker-upper…

Revolutionary game-makers Erase All Kittens are on a journey to change the lives of a generation of young girls with coding. Over the past four years, they’ve hustled for highs, weathered lows and experienced “is-this-really-happening?” moments. Now, they’re ready to scale their business – and we’re bringing them to Huckletree Soho to help make that happen. Here’s why our Renegade Champions voted them the most renegade idea in the universe…


Behind the fluffy kittens on-screen, Founder Dee Saigal and team have battled through tough challenges along the way.

As a budding games creator, Dee’s childhood enthusiasm was dampened by a lack of visibility of British Asian female game developers. Despite few visible role models, her passion was never quite extinguished. After six years in the advertising industry, Dee and her Co-Founder embarked on making Erase All Kittens a reality.

Fast forward through a lineup change at a critical moment, bootstrapping and the eternal struggle of hiring super-skilled developers without funding. Now, the team are fighting for fundraising in a landscape where underrepresented founders simply aren’t getting a fair deal – and they’re not giving up easily.

Last year, they won six global awards, partnered with MIT, won Innovate UK and ISDB grants and even headed to Syria to teach girls essential skills for the 21st Century job market. Their latest news? They’ve been included in Creative England’s CE50 cohort. Get to know Dee and co and you’ll realise this is just the start…


Learn the skills. Grow the dream. Enter the workforce. Disrupt and build, well, anything you could possibly imagine. Ultimately, that’s what Erase All Kittens is offering the next generation of young girls: possibilities.

The fact is: if girls aren’t interested in STEM subjects by the age of 11, they’re unlikely to ever find that passion. Government, tech firms, teachers and parents need to recognise the untapped potential of these young minds.

We need to arm them with the essential knowledge to swoop into the predicted one million unfilled future jobs in the IT sector. Young girls deserve truly engaging resources to stoke ambition, fire up their imagination and impart that tech finesse. Only then can they can explore those limitless possibilities.

We’re very proud to be welcoming our Renegade Search Champion Erase All Kittens to Huckletree Soho and to bring you along on their journey, too. With a bold goal to inspire 10 million girls to code by 2025, Erase All Kittens need good people around them. We’re calling on our members, Ambassadors, partners and supporters within and beyond the Huckletree community. If you’re innovating in Edtech, advocating for girls in STEM or championing female founders, you could play a valuable part in EAK’s growth stage. It really does take a community to grow a successful business, especially when that business is liberating the prospects of the next generation.

Keep up with their story here. If you can help Dee and the team on their way, get in touch. Until next time, renegades…


Emily Prichard

Manager, Brand and Creative