Flexi Working: More than Just a Buzzword

BY Natalie SimpsonMarch 11, 2019

Flexible working. What is it and what’s with all the buzz around it?!

Defined as any working pattern adapted to suit the needs of the employee, flexible working can take various forms; working part-time, working from home, flexible time arrangements, and working in different locations all fall under the flexi working umbrella.

Over the past few years, it’s become an increasingly growing trend, which begs the question – why are traditional working styles becoming a thing of the past?

Let’s start with the all-important impacts on health, well-being, and work-life balance. (Nope, not just buzzwords). Research from ACAS found that flexible working increases employee productivity, reduces occupational place stress, supports shared parental duties, and boosts the general performance of the company. Basically, everyone’s a winner.

The world is getting smaller; more and more businesses are becoming global. Organisations need arrangements that can accommodate the demands of international business.

The old ‘9-5’ simply doesn’t cut it for companies that need to correspond with their colleagues and clients overseas – so it’s no surprise that 82% of business executives strongly believe flexible working hours benefit the growth of their organisations.

Soho: Where Creativity meets Innovation

We’ve established that traditional working styles are becoming a thing of the past. What if we said we could wave a magic wand and manifest the world’s greatest flexible working workspace accelerator (wheeeew what a mouthful) in one of the best locations in London?

Okay, so maybe we aren’t magicians, but with our launch of Huckletree Soho opening in Spring, we’re pretty close.

Known for its round-the-clock culture and adaptive spirit, Soho is home to the non-conformists, the curious creatives, and the anti-traditionalists. It’s inhabited by the all-nighters and the dawn risers; and it’s the ideal location for our renegade members.

Like the W1F community, we’re challenging the classic idea of ‘normal’ working hours with the introduction of Huckletree’s first ever 24 hour workspace.

Enter, Huckletree Soho.

So what makes Huckletree Soho so brilliant? For a start, it’s been designed to be the ultimate flexible working hub. It will cater to our community members’ every need – time is no object.

If our members need a little R&R to recharge after working through the night, our Dreamscape is there! If teams need to stay up into the early hours to dial into an international video conference, that’s a-okay. Early morning (and super nutritious) breakfast needed?!  The plant-based cafe will be waiting!

Members at Huckletree Soho will also have the option to book onto any of the courses held in our in-house Jolt Room™. Jolt sessions will run throughout the day, and flexible working times allow our members to integrate upskilling into their working day without compromising other responsibilities. The more employers empower their teams to build on their skills, the more they benefit as those workers bring new skills back into the business.

The Parentrepreneur

Along with this, we understand the importance of balancing family commitments and a career. With a plethora of Parentrepreneurs (entrepreneurs who are also parents) in our community, we offer an exclusive Power Parents membership at Huckletree West.

The plan provides members with unlimited half day access to the workspace so they can work around childcare with ease. The ultimate asset for flexible working.

Bryony, our General Manager at Huckletree West agrees that the Power Parents plan is invaluable for our working parents:

“Family comes first right? But it shouldn’t mean that you can’t chase that killer career too. Our Power Parent membership and purpose-built Kid’s Studio allows you to find that balance, which is so, so important. It gives you the ability to flex your working day around your monsters needs, or better yet bring them with you!”

Our Kids Studio in Huckletree West means parents can bring their children to work with them as and when the need arises. Now how’s that for flexible working?

What next?

In today’s busy world, it is crucial to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Entrepreneurs and  organisations need options to work when best suits them and their company. Whether it’s childcare duties, international communication, or personal commitments, flexible working is indisputably beneficial to both the business individual.

At Huckletree, we embrace the benefits of flexi working. So if you want a workspace that’s as innovative as it is flexible, get on board and find out more about our stellar Soho workspace.

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Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant