From Public Space To Shared Space

BY Natalie SimpsonJuly 15, 2019

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GovTech: the intersection of government-rooted digital organisations. But what does that actually mean? 

Simply understood, GovTech is the umbrella term for companies, startups and digital teams that are making the public sector more innovative and development-oriented. GovTech bridges the gap between the realm of government and politics that may have previously seemed inaccessible to many.

GovTech allows members of our wider society to have a stronger involvement in the public sphere; remotely, digitally, and physically.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that these organisations are the true drivers for change in society. Whether they’re a digital platform with a mission to bring together a virtual network of civil servants, a chatbot app that provides a reliable source of communication between law enforcement and the public, or a mobile solution with a vision to teach consumers about sustainable shopping, GovTech is an incredibly crucial and central part of the tech sphere.


It’s great to know that GovTech organisations are creating change for the better, but it’s equally important to understand why these organisations are growing at such a high rate.

Data from the 2019 Audit for Political Engagement found that over the last few years, the British public’s appetite for radical changes in the political climate is growing. Feelings of powerlessness and disengagement are on the rise, and 47% of people feel they have no influence at all over national decision-making. 

Whilst there may not be an ‘instant’ fix for these feelings of dissatisfaction, GovTech has a big role to play in creating a society where citizens feel they actually have a voice. Stronger inter-group communication is a common aim for many companies, along with improved solutions to various social, environmental, and educational issues at hand.

GovTech is a catalyst for change.


Community and collaboration will play a key part in transforming our city and economy for the future. PUBLIC Hall powered by Huckletree will bring together original minds, policy makers, and thought leaders via an open door policy. Set in the heart of Westminster, it’s a community where complex societal problems are solved, barriers are broken down and a new vision for our daily lives is shaped.

We’ve created PUBLIC Hall to be an inspiring, welcoming space – whether you’re an old hand at policies or new to the table. An invitation-only Roundtable Room is dedicated to hosting discussions with MP and government officials, whilst our Library takes us back to the pre-Google-dependent days – biographies of renegade thinkers, manifestos from change-makers and practical entrepreneurship guides line the walls.

Just five minutes walk from Parliament, PUBLIC Hall is the setting for the transformation of the Public Sector. Ready to make change? Book your tour.


Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant