Power Parents: Balancing Homeschooling And Working From Home

BY Natalie SimpsonMarch 24, 2020

Homeschooling and working from home

Let’s be real: there’s no magic formula to make working from home 100% foolproof with children (as Professor Rob Kelly memorably demonstrated on BBC news!) – but the right resources can make a big difference. We’ve compiled some of the ways our parent members, alumni and friends are helping make WFM just that bit easier if you’re balancing homeschooling and Zoom meetups:


Fancy futureproofing your kids? Cypher’s coding camps and workshops are designed to give children aged 6-12 the tools they need for the future job market. In response to COVID-19, they’re taking things online and are now offering their interactive animal-themed creative coding workshop digitally using Scratch and Processing. You won’t even need to supervise the classes, as live teachers are on hand to guide children throughout the sessions. Find out more here.


Crowned as “the number one social app for mums”; Mush helps mums find friends who live nearby with kids the same age. Users can arrange meetups, reach out to the community and get advice from parenting experts. As a way to combat the loneliness of social isolation, Mush are now launching a series of virtual meetups, where mums can discuss any challenges they’re dealing with right now, plus life coach Tamu Thomas will be sharing tips on coping in this challenging time. Download the app for more details.

Erase All Kittens

Coding fans rejoice! Erase All Kittens is a free, revolutionary online game that provides kids with computational thinking and professional coding skills. It’s totally interactive and you can play alongside your children in the Mario-style gameplay. Crowned Huckletree’s Renegade Search Champion last year, their mission is to inspire girls to code – and they’re as bad-ass as they sound.

MEL Science

Science experiments don’t need to be confined to the classroom. MEL Science creates packaged-up chemistry experiments for children delivered directly to your door. No fear – their kits are 100% safe for budding scientists and come with chemicals, components and an instruction guide all ready to go. From a ‘Hot Ice’ maker to a ‘Galaxy in a Bottle’, level up your homeschooling and find their kits here.

The Collective

If you’re lacking in creativity when it comes to breakfast ideas for your little ones, fear not. Huckletree West FoodTech pioneers The Collective have created The Collective Kitchen to share their favourite recipes using their Straight Up Natural yoghurt. Home economics just got serious, and whether you’re partial to blueberry breakfast smoothies or carrot overnight oats, there’s sure to be something the kids will enjoy. 

Keston & Keston

Do you have a budding actor in the family? Keston and Keston are an innovative children’s casting and production company – and they’re always on the lookout for young talent. They’ve released an app that first and foremost encourages diversity in their search for leading child talent – you can check it out here.

Doing It For The Kids

Trust Doing It For The Kids to come up with the goods. A community for freelance and self-employed parents, their members have shared plenty of home-schooling and education resources over on their Facebook, which have been handily compiled into a searchable app here.

Tips from Team Huckletree:

Wondering what our Founder and CEO Gaby’s go-to resources are for homeschooling her four year old, Jack?

  • “The 45-minute online courses from Outschool. At the moment he’s doing Early Writers, Your Body is Amazing, Early Spanish and Promoting Kindness. I love being able to watch him learn to focus his attention, interact with the teacher and the other kids in the session.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga and Joe Wicks’ PE sessions – I try to start every day off with 15 minutes of this.
  • DIY crafts and LEGO – he loves both and they keep him occupied for hours without the need for adult involvement.”

Huckletree Soho GM Kami stresses the importance of preparation and openness:

“I wake up at 6am each day, allowing myself 30 minutes of peace and quiet to have a coffee and make a schedule. All my usual meetings and phone calls are adapted around my toddler – if I’m feeling anxious about any particular part of the day, I vocalise it with those involved.

My team are familiar with my ‘mum duties’ and always anticipate to see my son on-screen when I work from home. But for anyone who isn’t so familiar, I reach out to them ahead of time. I’ve found by doing this, meetings are constructive and action points are aligned more efficiently.”

With a toddler and a newborn at home, our Co-Founder and COO Andrew emphasises staying connected with other parents to crowdsource ideas for activities:

“We have a WhatsApp group from other parents at my daughter’s school, and have started to choose one thing each day for the kids to make. At 4pm every day, we sign onto Zoom and the kids do ‘show & tell’ together, so they have a bit of familiarity to their day still.”

He also supports improvised activity throughout the day – because let’s be honest, you can’t plan for everything:

“We have a lot of ad hoc activities each day that go on such as yoga, baking, and an online PE class which fills lots of gaps in the days! Fortunately, her ballet class has started hosting via Zoom classes too, so we can do them in the living room.”

Have a you-need-this-now resource or activities for those working from home and homeschooling? Get in touch.


Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant