BY Muinat AbdulMarch 4, 2019

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Fancy learning a new language? Or maybe becoming a seaworthy sailor is more your bag?

Most employers don’t offer their team anything hugely exciting beyond the salary. Here at Huckletree, our hiring team has just the thing to get you inspired…

The Curiosity Budget: a work perk like no other.

We give each of our lovely team members a yearly budget of £150 to spend on non-role related training. It’s exactly what our value Stay Curious is all about.

Gaby Hersham, Huckletree Founder says, 

“The Curiosity Budget initiative is something we started to make hiring at Huckletree different!

We wanted to encourage our team to pursue hobbies and projects that they‘re passionate about.” 

“It has been extremely fascinating seeing what everyone has gotten up to, and I can’t wait to see what they choose to spend their Curiosity Budget on this year.”

We’re proud to offer the Curiosity Budget and inspire our team to explore new horizons outside work. Best of all, they bring that passion back into their roles within Huckletree. I mean, who wouldn’t love a team full of sailors and bakers shaking the table?!

Did we mention that Huckletree is hiring? Take a look at our open roles HERE.

Keep reading to find out what our curious bunch spent their Curiosity Budget on, PLUS a sneak peek into which new passion they may take up this year.


Huckletree Hiring: Man in Black Jumper against stripy background

By day, Louis uses data to tie together our Sales and Marketing, but he knew he also wanted to get stuck into his love of languages. 

“I paid for a lifetime subscription to Memrise to learn Spanish in my own time on my phone.”

Now he can learn Spanish anytime he likes – who knows, it may come in handy for a future Huckletree location…

Louis also is on a mission to improve his productivity, so he treated himself to RescueTime: “It’s time management software so I could track and better understand my work/computer habits.”

This year Louis hasn’t completely decided what he’s going to spend his Curiosity Budget on… “but I may possibly get a subscription to a No-Code product building community, such as MakerPad so I can build products online without spending years learning code!”

Already a code whizz? See our open Tech roles HERE.


Huckletree Hiring: Brunette woman smiling in a floral top

Enrica is your go-to pal for all the uber cool events we host in Huckletree Shoreditch. On a rare day away from our East London workspace, she decided to use her Curiosity Budget on a cooking class.

“I booked a Full Day Cooking Introduction to Dim Sum together with Blaize, our Membership Manager here at Huckletree Shoreditch. (Team bonding, you know?). It was so much fun!”

“But I didn’t stop there. With my remaining budget, I booked a Tortellini and Ravioli Italian masterclass. An Italian needs to know how to make her own pasta!”

Now Enrica has mastered cooking, she’s looking to wrap her mind around her love of languages. 

“I studied French when I was in high school for about 5 years, but I can’t recall much and I would love to speak it fluently.” With Italian, English, Spanish, Basic French, Greek and Arabic already under Enrica’s belt, she’s become our multilingual master.

Want to be part of our Huckletree D2 crew? See our open roles HERE.


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Avee keeps our members at Huckletree West happy. She gets you up to speed when you join us, is your constant point of communication and makes sure you all get to know each other across our buzzing, diverse ecosystem. 

A creative at heart, she decided to spend her Curiosity Budget on an Abstract Art workshop. “It was a one-on-one workshop through Airbnb Experiences with a fine artist who taught me techniques and how to express my creativity. It was so cool!”

Huckletree Hiring: A woman painting on a canvas on a rooftop
Avee loved flexing her creative muscles!

“I spent the day at her studio and worked from her East London rooftop to create my very own abstract canvas to take home. I loved the experience and most likely I will be doing another similar type of workshop this year to develop my skills and keep my creativity flowing!”

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Alex is one of three Full-Stack Software Engineers at Huckletree. In layman’s terms that basically means that he builds cool software, like our lovely website.

Alex swapped the joys of coding, for a journey on the high seas: “Last year I set sail to the seven seas for a weekend of sailing in Bristol docks. It was December mind, so I fell in freezing water a lot, but I had a blast!”

Alex fancies doing something a little bit different in 2019.

“This year I’d like to do something a lot less wet. Perhaps something by an oven, like a sourdough course, perhaps?”

Fingers crossed he makes enough for everyone!

Huckletree is Hiring! See our open roles HERE.


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If you have a problem at Huckletree Dublin D2, our Community Assistant Eamon will solve it for you. Now he can even do one better, and fight your corner after taking on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course.

“I wanted to complete a course in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it’s focused on the idea that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger and heavier opponent.”

First Eamon trained his body. Now he plans to train his mind with a computer science programme using his 2019 Curiosity Budget: 

“The reason why I want to study this field is because computer science has become vitally important across so many industries. I feel it is really important to have an understanding of how these new technologies are being built.”

Psst! We’re looking for Community Interns to join us in London. Get the scoop HERE.


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Huckletree Shoreditch knows Christina as the first friendly face you see in the morning, and the last person you say goodbye to when heading off in the evening. 

She used some of her Curiosity Budget to invest in an annual subscription to mindfulness app, Headspace:

“Headspace really tries to teach you the essentials of living a happier and healthier life. There are days where I feel stressed or sad, and the app really helps me to let go of things and brings back my thoughts into the present (and gives me some headspace!)”

For the rest of her Curiosity Budget, Christina decided to take part in a 3-hour pasta making class. “I learned to make fresh Tagliatelle, Tagliolini and Ravioli. All ingredients were carefully curated, from the sea bass to the pasta flour, to make sure we had the best quality.

The 3-hour cooking class includes unlimited prosecco and wines to match the course! I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to experience an authentic Italian pasta cooking class!”

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There’s so much you can do with this awesome work perk – and it’s just one bonus of being part of Team Huckletree.

If you want to dip your toe into the startup world and dive into a new passion, have a look at our open roles.

Who knows? Soon, we could be documenting your foray into baking/ synchronised swimming/ kombucha making…


Muinat Abdul

Content and Social Media Manager