Huckletree Platform Plus: COVID-19 Founder Resources

BY Natalie SimpsonApril 8, 2020

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If you’re like us, your inbox is filled with COVID-19 analysis and headlines – from predictions on what will happen and how to survive lockdown. But for founders, including our own Gaby and Andrew, there are other questions at play, and little time to digest all the t&cs. 

So we’ve pulled together essential resources, HR articles and guides on Government support to help founders and team leaders (our team have used these too!). Think of it as a cheat sheet to help you navigate through the biggest questions you have right now, from the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and Statutory Sick Pay relief, to fundraising.

Raising Investment

  • Need to know which European investors are still investing? This open resource is straight from the VCs who are still in the game and are looking to deploy capital right now.
  • UpEffect, a UK-based Social Enterprise Crowdfunding platform is waiving its fee for all campaigns aiming to combat COVID-19 and its effects. Find out more here.

HR, Furloughing & Hiring

  • Stillhiring tells you who is still actively hiring using crowdsourced data. 
  • Otta (promote London’s top startup roles) has pulled together a (daily updated) list of companies that are still hiring over. You can contact them here to have your company advertised on their site.
  • There’s been a lot of talk around Furloughing in the wake of COVID-19. Seedlegals has produced an easy-to-read guide on how to create a Furlough notice and how to best manage the process. Check it out.
  • Countingup has created two Coronavirus Calculators, including one specifically to help employers understand the cost of furloughing team members – and employees understand their take-home pay.

Government and Financial Support

  • The holy grail resource for dealing with COVID-19 as a business in the UK; GOV.UK’s UK COVID-19 Business Package includes details on the Coronavirus job retention scheme, the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, Business Rates Holiday, and the Statutory Sick Pay relief package. For a fast read check out the FAQs of the package here.
  • The UK Fintech community have come together to begin creating Covid Credit; a platform that will let sole traders and freelancers self-certify lost income from the Government. You can sign up to the waitlist to get notifications when it’s live here.

Remote Working

  • Navigating remote work? This article gives you everything you need for tech and startup companies, from video conference platforms to homeschooling suggestions. 
  • Gsuite has made Google Hangouts Premium service free – in case you need to record and save meetings to your google drive at no extra cost.
  • Visual sharing tool Meero is offering a free file transfer service for large file sharing. 
  • Jamm allows voice and video collaboration through Slack, and is a free, audiovisual tool for remote teams. 

Webinars and Events

KPMG has launched a series of virtual events hosted by industry experts who will be discussing critical business issues related to COVID-19. Webinars include: 

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Natalie Simpson

Marketing Assistant