Manchester’s Original Minds

BY Gabriela HershamJuly 19, 2019

Huckletree Manchester workspace

Manchester has always been a city of doers. From industrial pioneers to digital visionaries, it’s rightly renowned for home-grown thinkers and industry leaders. Central to that success? A collaborative spirit.


Even before I founded Huckletree, I’ve always believed that when we band together, we grow together. To disrupt industries, change narratives and create a better future for everyone, we need good people around us. To spur us on, teach us, connect us with like-minded people, even challenge us where necessary – and we need to do the same for them in return.


Opening late September, Huckletree Manchester will be a place for the city’s doers to come together, learn and grow. A place for that famous collaborative spirit to thrive across a curated community of digital lifestyle, media and immersive tech pioneers.

We’re committed to helping the original minds who are shaping our future world, whether they’re starting out, scaling or sharing their knowledge and giving back. Whether you’re ready to take on VC investment, tackle those scaling roadblocks or find and attract the best talent on the market, we’re here to help. Think thoughtful introductions to our members in London and Dublin, one-to-ones with our expert Ambassadors and a place in our rapidly growing ecosystem. We’re all in this together.

So, Manchester’s own entrepreneurs, future founders, creatives, thoughtleaders: let’s chat.


Gabriela Hersham

Founder and CEO