Meet The Lifesavers: Monica, Huckletree D2

BY Kai Nicol-SchwarzJuly 28, 2020

Introducing the Lifesavers – our amazing cleaners. Post-lockdown, they’ve upped the ante (if that were possible in the first place!) in keeping our workspaces spotless. They’re focusing on key touch points and communal areas like kitchens and toilets, so no matter where you are in your Hub, they’ve got your back. 

This week we’re heading just south of the Dublin Docklands to the iconic Academy building, to catch up with Monica Silva. If you haven’t been introduced, Monica is part of the Lifesaver team at Huckletreee D2. Armed with a squirty bottle of disinfectant and a blue microfibre cloth, she makes sure the space is spic and span. 

As a key ingredient in the Dublin-Huckletree scene, we wanted to find out a little bit about what makes her tick. Community Associate Aishling caught up with Monica, to chat about the important stuff. Stuff like lasagna, dancing and a shih-tzu called Luck. 

🎲 ON HOBBIES… “You mean other than sleeping? I go and see friends, or they come round to mine and we make lunch and play games. We did a sushi night a while back, and we’re going to Coxinha (Brazilian restaurant) this weekend. You can get really good Brazilian food in Dublin.” 

🎧 ON MUSIC… “I’ve recently got into Dermot Kennedy, the Irish singer. I also listen to a lot of Brazilian music, and love to dance. In Brazil you do a lot of dancing. When we have parties or barbeques at home we are always dancing.” 

📽️ ON FILMS… “Thrillers are my favourite. I go to the cinema a lot in Dublin. One of my friends has a special loyalty card so if I’m lucky I get to go for free!”

📺 ON TV SHOWS… “I’m watching Snowpiecer on Netflix at the moment – it’s scary and apocalyptic. I love thrillers.”

🎬 ON FAVOURITE ACTORS… “I love Angelina Jolie. She does a lot of great action films. I watched Mr and Mrs Smith for the first time recently and loved it.” 

🌎 ON TRAVEL… “I love to travel, meet people and discover different cultures, food and drinks. The best places I’ve been are Russia and Israel.”

🇷🇺 ON RUSSIA… “It’s great for skiing. I went during the Winter, when it was minus 38 degrees. It was so cold, but I love cold weather! I’d much rather be freezing than roasting. I went to Moscow and St. Petersburg – both are beautiful.”

🇮🇱 ON ISRAEL… “I love to learn about Jesus’ life and I did a tour of all the places Jesus went. It meant a lot to me.” 

👩‍🍳 ON COOKING… “Lasagna! My friends love it when I cook lasagna.” 

🐕 ON PETS… “I have a dog. He is a shih-tzu and lives in Brazil with my mum. His name is Luck.”

🐾 ON LUCK… “I love all animals but especially dogs. I wish Luck was here but it’s not possible because I couldn’t leave him alone. I’d have to bring him to work!”

🍹 ON DRINKS… “I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon but like most red wines. If we’re going non-alcoholic it’s got to be orange juice.”

☕ TEA OR COFFEE… “Coffee – Cappuccino or Mocha. I love a Mocha.”

🇮🇪 ON MOVING TO IRELAND… “I came to Ireland in March 2017 wanting to learn English and I’m really improving. But you can learn English in a lot of places, and I came to Ireland because I like the country.”

☘️ ON THE PEOPLE IN DUBLIN… “I like the people here, they are so lovely. Sometimes in your own country you’re afraid to be who you are, but here it doesn’t matter. They don’t judge you. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or small or young or old, you feel so free here. In Dublin I can totally be myself. Some of my friends complain about the weather here, but that doesn’t matter to me – people are the most important thing.”

🪕 ON THE NIGHTLIFE… “I like the pubs here. They have traditional music and I want to learn Irish dancing. I also love the nightclubs, especially the George (famous gay bar on George’s Street) – the drag shows are amazing.”

And there you have it: pets, people and St. Petersburg – the low down on Lifesaver Monica. If you see her around the corridors of the Academy (it’s a pretty big likelihood if you’re a D2er) be sure to thank her for all her hard work. You could even strike up a conversation – let’s face it, you’ve got more than enough material to kick off with.


Kai Nicol-Schwarz