Meet The Lifesavers: Huckletree West

BY Kai Nicol-SchwarzJuly 8, 2020

Post-lockdown life looks a little bit different at Huckletree. As you return to your Hub, you’ll notice a few new additions to the space. We’ve brought in handy meeting room capacity signage, one-way systems (to avoid any awkward space-invading bottle-necking situations) and sanitiser units all over the shop. 

Most of all though, keep an eye out for the stellar job our Lifesavers are doing. They’re our amazing cleaners. The people keeping our hubs sparkling and germ free. And post-lockdown, they’re working harder than ever to keep us all safe.

They’re paying special attention to the key touch points, such as door handles and taps, and communal areas, like kitchens and toilets. Wherever you are in your Huckletree Hub, they’ve got you covered. 

As a vital part of our community, it’s time you got to know them a little better, starting with the big questions. What are their hobbies? Who’s their favourite football team? How many times have they watched Dirty Dancing? I caught up with Team Lifesaver over at Huckletree West and found out a little bit about what makes them tick. Think Salsa, music and Polish Cheesecake…

Up first is Mara, who moved to London from Brazil 2 years ago and lives with her husband. She gets a kick out of cooking and likes the odd glass of Asti. Keep reading for some more Mara based intel.

👝 ON HOBBIES… “Cooking and making crafts. I like to bake cakes and desserts and I make clutch bags which are great presents for friends.”

🎶 ON MUSIC… “I love 80’s and 90’s music! They’re just the best songs!”

📽️ ON FILMS… “I’m into romantic films, but I’m also a big fan of The Mummy.” 

🥘 ON FOOD/DRINK… “I love all kinds of food but Asian cuisine is one of my favourites. If I’m at home with my husband I mostly cook pasta and meat dishes, which go great with a glass of Asti.”

🌎 ON TRAVEL… “The best place I’ve been is Edinburgh. I went with my husband and it’s just such a beautiful city. I’m originally from Brazil but have lived in London for almost 2 years now and we definitely want to explore more places in the UK.”

🐕 ON PETS… “No pets but I would love a dog. The dogs at Butternut box here make me very happy!”

🙌 ON HUCKLETREE… “I love being at Huckletree and coming into work because everyone is friendly. I get on really well with the people here and I want to do the best job that I can in helping the team. The conversations alongside the English classes I take have really improved my English.”

Meet Eva, she’s from Poland and has been living in London for 23 years. Eva’s got 2 children, and 1 grandchild – who she loves spending time with. 

🏐 ON HOBBIES… “I play lots of volleyball. During lockdown I made a volleyball court in the garden and managed to rope my two children and husband into playing.”

🎶 ON MUSIC… “Anything from the 80s and 90s. It’s just the best era of music!”

🎧 FAVOURITE SONG… “I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner.”

📽️ ON FILMS… “I love Dirty Dancing. I saw it in the cinema when I was 15 and had just finished high school, and must have seen it 300 times since!”

🎞️ MORE FILMS… “But it’s not all about romance. I also love Scarface and the Silence of the Lambs. I watched The Last Dance on Netflix recently and thought that was great.”

🥘 ON COOKING… “I make a Polish tomato soup with macaroni. It’s so different and much better than English tomato soup.” 

🍳 FAVOURITE ENGLISH FOOD… “A classic fry-up.”

☕ CONTROVERSIAL OPINION… “Tea with lemon is better than tea with milk.”

This is Alex. He moved to the Big Smoke from Peru 28 years ago. He’s got 3 children – 2 girls and a boy – and 1 grandchild. He’s not sure where he’ll move to when he retires, but he knows it’ll be somewhere by the sea!

⚽ ON HOBBIES… “Before lockdown I played football all the time – about 3 times a week. It’s a great way to keep fit, which has been difficult the past few months!”

🇵🇪 ON FOOTBALL TEAMS… “Peru and Alianza Lima. Of course I had to find a team when I moved to London – so it’s Crystal Palace over here.” 

🎶 ON MUSIC… “Salsa and Merengue – music you can dance to.”

🌎 ON TRAVEL… “I love travelling. I’ve been abroad every year for the past 8. For the food, Cancun’s got to take the prize. For beautiful beaches, Marsa Alam in Egypt, and Orlando are great.”

🥘 ON COOKING… “I cook Peruvian food all the time. If you haven’t tried them, Lomo Saltato is a tasty beef stir fry with french fries and Cebiche is a great seafood dish.”

Introducing Aneta, who came to London from south-east Poland 9 years ago. Aneta has 2 children, both girls, and lives with her husband and their trusty hound. 

🐕 ON HOBBIES… “I love to bake, and spend time with our dog.”

🥘 ON COOKING… “Not cooking, baking! I make all sorts, cakes, cookies, Polish cheesecake.”

🍰 ON POLISH CHEESECAKE… “My grandma taught me how to make it, and it’s better than the ones you find in English shops! We make it with proper cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla – it’s delicious.”

🎶 ON MUSIC… “I can listen to Stand By Me by Ben E. King over and over.”

📽️ ON FILMS… “I haven’t been to the cinema in ages! But I really liked ‘Me Before You’ when it came out a few years ago.”

🌎 ON TRAVEL… “You can’t beat the Polish mountains. They’re so beautiful. When you go and breathe in the morning air, you feel amazing. I don’t know how to describe it.”

So that’s the inside scoop on our amazing team of Lifesavers over at Huckletree West. If you see Eva, Alex or Aneta around the Hub, be sure to smile (even behind a mask!). You could try and ask Aneta about her grandma’s Polish cheesecake recipe – but good luck, it’s a bit of a family secret…


Kai Nicol-Schwarz