Meet The Lifesavers: Ivan, Huckletree Soho

BY Kai Nicol-SchwarzOctober 28, 2020

Have you met your Lifesaver?

Since lockdown, you’ll have noticed a group of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to keep our Hubs open and safe. They’re our amazing group of cleaners, and are an essential cog that keeps our wheels turning. 

Seeing as they play such an important role at Huckletree, we thought it was time you got to know them a little better. So, over the past few months, we’ve been finding out all about them. 

Introducing, Ivan, our incredible Lifesaver at our investor-first community, Huckletree Soho. Read on for some of those all important conversation starters next time you see him keeping our Central London Hub spic and span.

🎣 ON HOBBIES… “I love to play football and go fishing. But fishing is a little difficult right now because of Covid-19.”

🐟 ON FISHING… “I usually go fishing for big pike and carp. I’m not interested in small fish!”

⚽ ON FOOTBALL… “I was born with a ball at my feet! I’ve played all my life and I’m looking for a Sunday League team in England at the moment. Back in Bulgaria I support CSKA Sofia, and over here in Britain it’s Celtic.”

📻 ON MUSIC… “Lots of different stuff, but mostly pop, rock and rap. Deep Purple, Roxette, and 50 Cent are a few of the artists I’m listening to at the moment.”

🎥 ON FILMS… “I’m into horror films – movies like The Descent, Wrong Turn, and Mirrors.”

🎞️ ON CINEMA… “I haven’t been in such a long time, but I think the last thing I saw was Terminator 3.”

🧑‍🍳 ON COOKING… “I cook all the time. French fries and courgettes, and stuffed peppers with rice are a couple of my favourites. I also make a mean moussaka.

🌎 ON TRAVEL… “I’ve lived and worked back home in Bulgaria, Russia, and England. Anywhere on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is great. I went to Sunny Beach with some friends a few years ago for a holiday, and had a really good time.”

🏟️ ON LIVERPOOL… “I went up to Liverpool last year to watch them play Red Bull Salzburg. What a game! Liverpool won 4-3 and the atmosphere was unbelievable.”

🐕 DOGS OR CATS… “Dogs.”


☕ TEA OR COFFEE… “Coffee. But when I was in Russia people only drank tea, so it had to be tea out there.”

Want to get to know more of our crack Lifesavers team? This way to find out about the people keeping us safe at PUBLIC Hall, Huckletree West, Huckletree Ancoats, and Huckletree D2.

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Kai Nicol-Schwarz