Building the new-normal? Normal need not apply.

BY Hannah LeddenApril 16, 2020

What does a Modern milk delivery company, a Sydney-based Live entertainment company and Safe & The City safety app all have in common?

They don’t just show up in crisis with a new product, they’re companies that have expanded their resources and their creativity in the face of uncertainty, fear and doubt. Simply put, with COVID-19 impacting billions around the world, these founders have not given up…

I want every aspiring founder or business owner to not give up, not ever, but especially, not now.

It’s these sorts of stories and case studies of agility, resolve and innovation that make our team jump out of bed every morning and take the long commute… to the living room. Because we believe learning not only needs to continue as we stay home, but we need to accelerate the will to learn now more than ever. We are calling for entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial energy to be the positive silver lining. In fact, we’re banking on it. 

“I want every aspiring founder or business owner to not give up, not ever, but especially, not now. We need your ideas, tenacity and creativity to not only fuel the startup ecosystem back up again, but to steer us to a new place and world altogether” – Gaby Hersham. 

That’s why Huckletree is launching Renegade Academy, an intensive one-week bootcamp designed to give new founders everything they need to launch their startup with user-feedback, a go-to-market strategy and a tailored pitch, ready to raise a seed financing round.  

“If I knew back in 2014 what I know now, or even what I’ve come to learn in the last 30 days, I may have made different judgment calls, but I also would have 100% backed myself earlier from day one. 

“We want to get as many people started on their entrepreneurial journey, to give them the fundamental building blocks to launch a startup in a bear market, and the spirit of community and support, which is what honestly keeps you going when you have dark days.”

With decades of private and startup sector experience under their belt, our own Huckletree senior team will be stepping into the virtual classroom leading each workshop with real-world case studies and exercises on how they’ve scaled businesses, nailed investor pitches, repositioned products, built a brand and achieved reach with limited resources. We’re giving up our time so that entrepreneurs around the world know that we believe in them.

For the first academy class of 2020 we will also be waiving the £1500 course fee, and asking participants to donate whatever amount they are able to, within their financial means at this time. 100% of all course fees will go towards the NHS to support the frontline healthcare workers.

“When we were first talking about this, we acknowledged that while we wanted to help founders find their path, we wanted to give something more to our wider neighbourhood, community and country who are hurting in extraordinary and unforeseen ways.” 

Huckletree is an ecosystem builder for startups and we will do everything we can to rebuild and bounce back stronger. Since 2014, through our hubs and accelerators we’ve supported over 5000 startups on their journey. We currently have over 2000 members and 200+ start-ups in our community. We sit at the heart of the technology ecosystem, have an incredible team of in-house experts as well as access to a network of industry titans. In short, our goal is to supercharge the launch of startups whilst ensuring that you avoid making the mistakes we made or wasting precious time trying to determine what to do next. 

This is an academy for anyone who wants to build the future normal, and our way of supporting those who’re helping us get there.

The first Class of Renegade Academy runs 11 – 15 May 2020 and monthly thereafter. Head to our website to secure your spot. 


Hannah Ledden

Campaigns Associate