Spirit Warriors Unite: Meet Rock & Raw

BY Hannah LeddenSeptember 13, 2018

Woman holding crystal necklace and burning sage wearing white top

Here at Huckletree, we’re all about balance. Take a wander through our spaces in London and Dublin and you’ll find Meditation Yurts and yoga studios alongside inspiring breakout spaces. After all, that’s what’s so great about a coworking community, right? You’ve got the freedom to roam and pursue that elusive work/life balance.

We’re not the only ones obsessed with finding harmony. Huckletree West members and crystal-charged jewellery designers, Rock & Raw really are our in-house spirit warriors. From sage cleansing ceremonies in the gardens of White City Place, to the sparkling stones you’ll spy at their workspace, they’re definitely next level zen. We caught up with the team for the inside scoop on finding ultimate balance, and how we can all truly connect with the earth.

After starting out as a lawyer, Founder Lucy knew the corporate world wasn’t her calling. Through her own love of meditation and yoga, she had an epiphany. Two weeks later, she’d quit her job and embarked on a new career creating talismans for everyday life. After taking a hands-on course and making a few early sales to friends, she quit the rat race to take on Rock & Raw full time. The rest, as they say, is history.


With each and every design, the aim is to create a piece that the wearer will hold onto for a lifetime, and feel the benefits. Part of this involves Lucy meditating on the newest designs to envision how they should be created, and each stone is set meditatively and thoughtfully with intention. You’ve probably got the vibe that this aren’t your run-of-the-mill accessories. The crystals used in their ‘gram-worthy collections are all AA grade, the finest possible, sourced by Rock & Raw’s team from various countries, including Brazil. From the purest, high-vibe blue topaz to glossy black onyx, each stone links to your chakras and can be used to channel confidence, creativity and inspiration. Whatever spiritual support you need, you’ll find a sparkling talisman designed to aid you on your life’s journey.


When they’re not collaborating on the latest collection or working to enhance their customer’s whole experience, the team always make sure to take the time to make the most of their surroundings:

“Our number one spot in Huckletree West has to be the Meditation Yurt! It’s such an awesome space to escape to for a quick break, we couldn’t dream of a more perfect meditation spot.”

Aside from regular team yoga sessions, the ladies host workshops for the Huckletree West crew, and their own followers:
“Our meditation sessions are aimed at raising your vibration & helping you eliminate any blockages so you can manifest what your heart truly needs. One of our favourite rituals is to set intentions and burn them, sending them to the universe to be received. We incorporate sage cleansing to clear negative energy within ourselves, our space and also our pieces.”


If you’re not already a spirit warrior, you might be wondering what it’s all about. So, how can a rookie add meditation or yoga into their routine, and what exactly do you get out of it? For the ladies of Rock & Raw, it’s all about finding some peace in the stillness, and having a clear mind.

“Meditation can help you to slow down, quiet your mind and come back to your true self. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to be for long, even a few minutes a day can help you reap the rewards for a lifetime.”


From guardian rings to pendants, it’s easy to see why it would be hard for the Rock & Raw team to choose their favourite piece. Their go-to? The Guardian range is their classic collection and holds a special place in their hearts. Right now, they’re all about the blue topaz for intuition and speaking your truth; golden citrine promoting success and abundance, and dreamy mint amethyst for healing…


By this point, you’ve pored over their site and started that Christmas list, but wait… there’s more! When they’re not inspiring our whole community to take part in their intention setting and meditation, Rock & Raw have been busy working on a brand new collection. Upping the luxury vibe, we hear their new offering focuses on statement pieces (think solid quartz chokers and crystal ear cuffs!). Head over to their Instagram to keep in-the-know ahead of launch.

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Hannah Ledden

Partnerships Associate