Against The Tide

BY Aislinn MahonJuly 12, 2018

Person Swimming Under Sea Water With Bubbles


Every year in Dublin, hundreds of people take to the beach and bravely run into the icy water together for the traditional Christmas Swim. Two years ago I decided to try and introduce this practice all year round, and set myself the goal of getting into the water every fortnight. The only rule? No wetsuits. I can vividly remember how it felt to jump into the icy February sea, my lungs constricting as I struggled to take a breath. I have never felt more vulnerable or more alive.

The shore will be deserted and yours to savour or teeming with locals desperate to make the most of the fleeting Irish summer depending on the time of year. Regardless of whether the sun is beating down or whether the cold air threatens to take your breath away, the end result is the same; peace and exhilaration.


Sea swimming is a blissful break from the constant stimuli of everyday life. The sensation of waves crashing against your bare skin is addictive. If I could bottle the adrenaline racing through my veins right before my skin hits the water, I would spread it all over the world. The tides can easily change course and become a danger, so you have to stay in the moment and let go of any negative emotions you’re harboring. You are forced to be 100% present.

The benefits of sea swimming for mental health are well documented. The ocean offers solace for those suffering from trauma, loss, anxiety and stress. I got into swimming from curiosity and stayed with it because it’s my therapy. If I am feeling down, or anxious I will hop on my bike and cycle 15 minutes to the shoreline. During my final exams at school I refused to study in the house, instead taking my books to the beach and allowing the gentle crashing of the waves to settle my mind.

It doesn’t matter which country I am in, I find a beautiful familiarity with the ocean wherever I am. Your body becomes weightless and you experience an incredible sense of freedom that is difficult to describe. The sea is endless.


Founders and their teams are faced with hundreds of decisions and thousands of data points every day. They need more than squash courts or table football matches to let off steam… and there’s nothing better than wild waters of the Irish coastline to find true escape.

At Huckletree D2, we’re passionate about balance and bringing people with similar values together… which is is why we’re starting a movement of Dublin startup swimmers. We’re in good company: tribes and communities of swimmers have existed in Ireland for decades, made famous by the Happy Pear twins and their daily sunrise gatherings.

Group of Friends Hanging Out After Swimming Against A Blue Sky

Whether you’re up for taking the plunge or holding up the shoreline with an ice cream or pint, we’d love you to join us for our next Startup Sea Swim. Put simply: saltwater, a deadly crew of friendly swimmers from Dublin’s startup scene and guaranteed good vibes all round.

Look out for details of our upcoming dips here. See you at the beach!


Aislinn Mahon

Huckletree D2 General Manager