BY Hannah LeddenApril 8, 2019

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Question: Do you have all the skills you need to ace your current role in 5 years time?

The answer to this is probably no… now before you shut your browser hoping your boss hasn’t also seen this… It’s all good, don’t stress. It would be very hard to find a job today, tech-based or not, that wouldn’t need any development in tech/ thinking/ training in the even-near future.

Welcome to the world of upskilling.

I’m not talking about turning into some robo-employee, taking on the obvious automation developments of the future. The idea of upskilling is all about arming you, and your team, with new ways of thinking, working and training to develop your role, take your company to the next level, and adapt for the future of work. This made me think back to the words of Huckletree founder, Gabriela Hersham in a recent piece for Business Leader. When explaining her thoughts on the importance of upskilling your team. Gaby talks about the need for small businesses to ‘place greater value on staying curious’.

Startup World

This mentality is at the centre of our ethos within Huckletree, and feeds into everything. From our future plans for the business by pushing boundaries, to the ways we look to help members in the next phase of their entrepreneurial journey, and the growth of our team.

Upskilling as a team, or individual, gives you the ability to “keep up with rapidly-shifting digital trends and tools,”  explains Gaby.

This is the whole premise behind it, finding out new things, and putting them into action to benefit the future of the company you’re in , and even better – your career. It could be said this is even more vital in the startup world, where teams are smaller, and you’re looking to progress and achieve success with less resources than larger businesses. Therefore, investing in your team members is even more important here.

Stay Curious

At Huckletree, emphasis is put on the training and development of the team from the get-go. From workshops and sessions covering everything from personal finance to data, and the awesome Curiosity Budget. The growth of the team is of big importance to Gaby – and we’re all benefiting big time!

It’s not just a focus of the team you already have in place, although that’s a big part of it. Gaby refers to the

power of exciting, engaging learning opportunities to help you attract the brightest new talent.

If you are on the hunt for a new role, what is more appealing to you? The company emphasising the working hours and core responsibilities? Or, the company that sees you as a person with a limitless ability to grow, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is and invest in your future? I know where my vote would be!

As well as initiatives for the team, Huckletree are committed to help with the upskilling of our members, too. Through our extensive cultural programme, and access to awesome training companies, there has always been an opportunity for our members to grow.


However, for our first Central London location: Huckletree Soho, launching this Spring, we’re taking things up a notch. We’ve partnered with EdTech startup Jolt, who are on a mission to ‘future proof careers’, to be the home of their next immersive classroom. From finances to freelancing, classes are hosted by pros from across the globe, for the ultimate upskilling experience.

Are you looking to take your career to the next level and upskill your future? Book your tour of Huckletree Soho today, and join the home for ambitious startups.


Hannah Ledden

Campaigns Associate